Why NY State Must Rethink Energy Plan

This is the presentation that has been shown to State Officials, including members of the Senate, the Legislature, NYSERDA, and The Chair of The Public Service Commission since 2019.  Some of the numbers may have changed over the past three years but they are essentially still accurate.  No one questioned the numbers and even said that many of them matched theirs.  Their only response was that they would install renewable generation faster than I am calculating.  However, I am using their installation figures and  their track record with renewable installation has not been good.  Much of that is through no fault of their own but is a result of a NIMBY mindset and the fact that New York State has more lawyers per capita than anyplace except Washington DC.

This is a review of the first Gas Pipeline Moratorium in NY State.  It is not reducing gas usage.  Instead, NYSEG issued an RFP for trucked in natural gas with a far higher carbon footprint.  The Tompkins County report justifying these policies was written by a company that had a monetary stake in converting onsite thermal heating to heat pumps as they sell heat pumps.  There are many problems with the report that are documented in the paper.

Lansing As a Microcosm of Ny State’s Energy Problems