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Richard Ellenbogen has a Bachelors Degree and a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.  He began his career with IBM Watson Laboratories and Bell Telephone Laboratories in their Power Systems Laboratory, before joining Allied Converters, a plastic food packaging manufacturer in New Rochelle, N.Y.  As president of Allied Converters, Ellenbogen has overseen the company’s transformation into a green manufacturer with 100% waste recycling/repurposing, a 65 KW CHP System,  and a 50-kilowatt solar array. For nearly the past two decades, Allied Converters has generated approximately 80% of its electric energy onsite and has operated with a Carbon Footprint 40% lower than the utility system. 

His design work includes a patented plug in device to correct reactive power losses on the utility system, a large scale reactive power mitigation system for a building service entrance, and a specialized pump that was used to help a major research hospital and a large corporation with an experiment to detect diabetic episodes. He was an invited speaker at a NY State Conference on Power Line losses and has done utility system research for NYSERDA. 

He lives in Pelham Manor, N.Y. with his wife and two daughters.

Richard Ellenbogen
President, Allied Converters, Inc.
Westchester, NY

New York’s rush to meet self-imposed clean energy goals has State of NY hurtling toward an electric supply crisis of its own making. Officials choose to ignore supply realities as inconvenient truths.” – R. Ellenbogen

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