NY Newly Canceled Energy Projects

NY Projects Nixed

December 12, 2023. Politico. 

NEW YORK PROJECTS NIXED: The fallout from the Public Service Commission’s decision to reject increased subsidies for new renewables that had won competitive awards continues. About a third of the projects awarded under the state’s onshore renewables program have been canceled since mid-October, according to data reported by NYSERDA on Friday.

Put another way, that’s 27 projects that may or may not seek new awards in the expedited large-scale renewable solicitation NYSERDA kicked off on Nov. 30. The newly canceled projects total nearly 3 GW of new renewable capacity and 159 MW of energy storage. They were expected to support New York’s 70 percent renewable by 2030 target for the electric sector.

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There have been 27 project cancellations.  One would think that the veneer of the fantasy of a 70% renewable grid by 2030  would be peeled away by now.  Maybe the state should start looking at realistic ways of reducing carbon as we have been asking them to do for 5 years.