Picture House Energy Presentation

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The following is the video link for the Energy Presentation that was done at the Pelham Picture House on November 14.

Feel free to share the video.

The video has some major differences from the presentation that was done as the keynote presentation at the Business Council of NY State Renewable Energy Conference as recent events have made it more apparent that the NY State Energy plan has major flaws in its logic.  Those issues were not unexpected, however watching them occur in real time has made addressing the problems an imperative. Things are not going to get better.

The presentation is long because it is very detailed.  It was done that way because everyone that has a monetary interest in this process, along with the climate zealots, is going to try and disparage the information contained in the presentation so I tried to cover all of the issues to avoid that as much as possible.

There is an 8 minute introduction, 80 minutes of presentation, and 45 minutes of Q&A after.

To anyone at Cornell or Stanford that has a problem with the presentation at the 47 minute mark, I stand behind what I said.  There is information in those documents that was false in 2013 and that has been proven by the fact that in 2023, the technologies that they claimed were readily available then still don’t exist in a form that can be used on the utility system, but this document is being used as the basis for NY State Energy policy and people may die as a result.

Keep in mind that I have no monetary interest in this but I have a huge problem with the questionable or deceptive at best, and  negligent at worst, science being used to justify these policies.  I have spent thousands of hours researching the details and have attended all of the meetings in Albany and elsewhere at my personal expense, both in time and money, as well as paying for the rental of the Picture House, along with John.

If you can stay awake until the end, there are some heated discussions in the Q & A and one interesting comment, paraphrased,

“I used to be a securities attorney and if someone tried to sell securities the way that the state is pushing this energy policy, people would be in jail”.

The two pdfs include all of the slides used in the presentation.

In the introduction, John Ravitz mentions videos that were running prior to the presentation while people were entering the theater.  The two videos are at the links below.


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