Orsted pulled out of Two NJ offshore wind farms

Orsted pulled out of the two New Jersey offshore wind farms and is going to pay either $100 million or $300 million in penalties, depending on who is interpreting the contract.  Link follows.  The statement from NJ Governor Murphy was sent to me (below) by one of the readers on my email chain with an interesting observation.  Murphy is simultaneously calling Orsted incompetent and also saying that they have to install the wind farms.   See his note below above the Twitter screen shot.


Interestingly, Dominion Energy is going ahead with the plans to build their Offshore Wind Farms.  Why?  Because they had foresight and built a Jones Act compliant Jack Ship that will be operational next year.  See the following caption from the article in italics.

Still projects in some places are moving forward.

In Virginia, a utility’s plans for an enormous wind farm off that state’s coast gained key federal approval Tuesday. Dominion Energy D, +0.80% received a favorable “record of decision” from federal regulators who reviewed the potential environmental impact of its plan to build 176 turbines in the Atlantic, more than 20 miles off Virginia Beach.

Dominion said its project will be the largest offshore wind farm under development in the U.S. and eventually expected to generate enough electricity to power up to 660,000 homes after completion of construction by late 2026.

The reality speaks for itself.


0rsted pulls out of offshore wind in NJ. 

So now NJ’s governor wants to force a company lacking “credibility and competence” to build anyway.

How does this inspire credibility and competence in NJ’s energy plan? Or NY’s?


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