Energy transition can’t be completed without fossil fuels

One of the readers of my emails sent me this article from Forbes, explaining why the energy transition can’t be completed without fossil fuels..

I would think that most of what is in the article is common sense, but that may not be so common anymore.  


Reality Bites: Why Wind, Solar, And Electric Car Advocates Must Also Love Fossil Fuels

Jude Clemente, Contributor
I cover oil, gas, power, LNG markets, linking to human development.
Oct 15, 2023,07:01pm EDT
Forbes – Business – Energy

This is actually a very easy article to understand, a-political and non-partisan by any honest measure.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that there’s a whole bunch of people in our energy-climate discussion that just won’t accept what can only be described as very obvious and undeniable facts.

Let’s start with the basics: fossil fuels supply 80% of the world’s energy and about 80% of the energy consumed in the U.S.

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