True costs of wind and solar

A reader sent me the following link.  I have researched the author and they take a primarily science and math based approach to issues.

Extraordinary Costs Of Green Energy Creeping Slowly Into Public Awareness October 9, 2023, Francis Menton

Of particular note in the article is the following caption, which I mentioned in an email earlier this week:

Over in Europe, it looks like enough of the costs have now gotten exposed to cause the beginning of a public awakening. In August I had a post on how the costs of “green” energy were starting to change the “net zero” debate in the UK. Now, add to that report the results of the elections this past weekend in Germany and Luxembourg. In both countries, parties now standing at least somewhat against the green transition scored gains, while Greens lost ground. The process of ultimate political transformation looks to be long and slow; but I have faith that reality will eventually win out.

He also echoes many of the points that I have made over the last four years that wind and solar are less expensive when viewed myopically, however when you add in the ancillary costs needed to operate the utility system entirely on wind and solar, the cost will rise into the trillions.


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