France Is Europe’s Top Power Exporter as Germany Turns Importer

The following article in today’s Bloomberg news says it all.  Germany that chose to be fully reliant on renewables has become a net energy importer while also importing enormous amounts of natural gas from various countries around the world.  It has been unable to lower its GHG footprint for several years.

France, which is 70% nuclear and 10% Hydro is an energy exporter, with the exports about the equivalent of a 2.1 GW Nuclear plant operating with a capacity factor of 0.93.  Note that France is exporting with its nuclear fleet operating at 10% -15% below normal because of maintenance and they have several new reactors scheduled to come on line in the near future with very minimal nuclear waste because of their circular fuel cycle.

Instead of emulating France and its success story and despite 33 years of historical failure with Germany’s plan, NY State has chosen Germany as the model for its utility system with Germany’s utility rates twice those of France.

Next, they are going to mandate electric Edsel’s as the only car available to NY State residents.  As long as we’re emulating failures, why just stop with the electric utility system?

Doesn’t anyone at the state government level have any sense of history or common sense?

France Is Europe’s Top Power Exporter as Germany Turns Importer 

Bloomberg News 
Ellie Harmsworth
Published Aug 07, 2023 

France has overtaken Sweden to become Europe’s top net power exporter, while Germany has moved from exporter to importer during the first half of this year. 

France’s total net exports amounted to 17.6 terawatt-hours, with most of the power flowing to Great Britain and Italy, according to a report from EnAppSys Ltd. that laid out imports and exports.